You Thirsty, Bro?

Just before heading out of Texas, I had a little time to go scope out a brewery.  We were staying just outside of Dallas, and I started looking online to find something interesting.  It must have been my lucky day, because I found Thirsty Bro Brewing Company in Royse City.  According to the website, they were not even open yet, so I gave them a call.


I was able to speak with Terry, the founder/brewer at Thirsty Bro.  I explained what I was doing, and asked if he would be brewing anytime soon so that maybe I could join and help.  It just so happened he was planning to brew the next day!


The next morning I was up bright and early to head to Royse City.  When I arrived, I met Terry.  Unfortunately, we weren’t going to be able to brew after all.  The city had been promising to upgrade the water supply for months, and they decided to do it today of all days!  Oh well, I got a sneak peek at the place, anyway.


Terry gave me the grand tour.  He showed me the back room where all the magic happens. He is currently brewing on a BrewMagic system while wading through all the red tape to start brewing on his super-awesome big boy system.  It was nice seeing it all shiny and new!  He even explained his plans to expand when the time comes.


Terry was kind enough to let me try what he currently had on tap.  My favorite of the three was the Licking Dog Porter, which is a great smoked porter with a twist… a surprisingly delicious licorice addition.   This place is going to do great things. The people of Royse City are in for a treat!

Pretty maids all in a row!

Terry was a great host and I wish I had found him sooner.  He offered to let me come back to brew once the water system was operational.  Unfortunately I was scheduled to head out of town before that could happen…  Bummer!  I will certainly swing by here if I ever find myself in the area again, if only just for a drink.  I strongly urge you to do the same!

The bar is currently having a series of soft openings, with the grand opening planned for St. Patrick’s Day.


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