Did you miss me?

Hello, friends!  It’s been too long.  As promised, I thought I would drop in and talk to you about some brewery action in Texas!  I was able to visit a few breweries while there.  Two of them stood out to me;  Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery in Garland, and Thirsty Bros Brewery in Royse City.  Thirsty Bros certainly deserves it’s own post, so for now we’ll just focus on Intrinsic.


Before I arrived at Intrinsic, I called to see if they would have time to talk to me.  I was welcome with open arms.  The first thing I noted was the poster in the front window showing support for law enforcement.  This alone would draw me in as a customer.  When I entered, I met with Travis, the bartender, who was more than happy to walk me around and answer any questions I had about the brewery.  They had a really cool open air set-up.  The entirety of the brewery operation was right there as you enter the building!


After Travis gave me the grand tour, I bellied up to the bar to see what they had to offer.  I ordered a flight and was pretty impressed!  While enjoying some tasty libations, I chatted up the couple sitting next to me, a fellow military veteran and his wife.  If you are reading this, cheers!


They also have a BBQ kitchen.  Unfortunately I had not planned well and went right after lunch, but man, did it look and smell good!


After I had finished my flight, I learned about a really neat thing they were doing.  Two of the employees, including Travis, had designed a stout and helped brew it.  They were having a friendly competition to see which was better.  You could buy a 5 oz pour of each and compare them side by side.  After sampling each of them, your preference was marked on a chalkboard.  It just so happened that the one I chose was the one designed by Travis.


I simply could not walk out the door without getting on the grain mill bicycle thingy.  There was a motor attached to the mill, but I was told that before the motor was installed, they actually used the bicycle to mill the grains.  Who knows, maybe the motor will quit and there will be a job opening.  I might just submit a resume…


2 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

  1. Hey there! This is the wife half of the couple from Intrinsic! We were glad to meet you and glad you enjoyed our favorite brewery. We’ve since discovered a new one not far away, so next time you’re in town…..

    Cheers! Say hello to your wife and kids from us!


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