Wine Is For Sissies


Well, our time in Texas has finally come to an end.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to connect with anyone to do some brewing.  Partly because most of our time here was spent recovering from my surgery (hernia surgery = no brewing or drinking).  Eventually, we were able to try some awesome Texas beers.  I gotta tell ya, the offerings here make me want to stay longer.  There were only a couple of things I tried which I did not enjoy, but that was mostly due to trying styles which I know I do not like (you never know, they could be the diamond in the rough). Among my favorites were:

  • Presidio La Bahia, a Black Hefeweizen by Goliad Brewing Company in Goliad, TX
  • Rodeo Clown, a Double IPA by Karbach Brewing Company in Houston, TX
  • Buried Hatchet, an American Stout by Southern Star Brewing Company in Conroe, TX
  • Rocket Fuel, a Vietnamese Coffee Porter by 8th Wonder Brewery in Houston, TX
  • Root Beer by Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston, TX

Feel free to view the entirety of what I tried here: Roadbrewing Dotcom on Untappd


There is so much more to experience, but the time has come for us to leave.  I did have the opportunity to visit a couple of breweries while we were here, including one which has not even open yet!  Keep an eye out for those posts soon.  For now, we are preparing for our journey westward. I hope that the next destination can keep up with Texas!

Oh, Saint Arnold! You know that’s not true!

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