Welcome to Roadbrewing!

Most of us are familiar with homebrewing.  But what does one do when he doesn’t live in a house, but in an RV traveling this beautiful country of ours?  That was the dilemma I was facing when our family decided to take off on this adventure.  It wasn’t really feasible to bring all of my brewing equipment with me, nor would I have a very good way of controlling temperature.  Let’s not even mention the smells of fermentation in such a small space… whoops!  How could I take my family on this great journey without sacrificing my passion for brewing? Enter ROADBREWING!


Shortly after our RV was in our driveway, I removed the “outdoor kitchen” and replaced it with a beer dispensing system.  I discovered that my Torpedo Kegs fit perfectly in the space, with about 1/4″ to spare in height!  I built a jockey box with the faucets from what was my keezer / kegerator.  After just a few slight modifications I was ready to dispense some sweet libations.


I started talking to other homebrewers and bumping elbows with professional brewers at festivals.  I learned that brewers around the country might welcome a traveling brewer to brew with them.  After all, we’re a proud bunch, aren’t we?  What better way to show off our equipment than to invite others to use it?  If I’m going to be having all this fun, why not share the experiences?  We might just all learn something.


We have since sold our house and hit the open road!  Now the fun begins!  Keep your browser facing this direction to see where this crazy ex-beer-iment takes us.  I’m sure I’ll be meeting all sorts of interesting characters, and brewing with all sorts of wild contraptions.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be knocking on your door!!!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Roadbrewing!

  1. Randy Bennett

    Hi Justin,

    This sounds like an awesome trip. I’m glad you have put the effort into it. I hope things go well for you and your family. I’m benco on hbt in Texas. I live about 15 miles from Gainesville, Tx., it’s on I-35 on your way to and from San Antonio. You all are welcome to come and stay a few days and brew some beer. Their is a small rv site right down the road for use if you want or you can stay at my house.

    Randy Bennett


    1. Hey, Randy! Thanks for commenting! We are really excited about our upcoming adventures! I won’t be able to swing by on the way down, but we don’t know yet where we will go after we get done in San Antonio. If we come up your way or close to it, I’ll definitely take you up on that! Cheers!


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